AZESS football agency football agency

AZESS football agency football agency

“Azess” is a Football Agency of the international level, established to provide the interests of football players all over the world. We started our activity from 30.03.2018 and have already established our company as a reliable full-service football Agency.

We provide a lot of opportunities for footballers. Our professional staff is ready to offer: legal, financial, physical and psychological support. Besides, our company is able to run PR-companies. We are ready to provide the athletes with coaching in physical training, coaching in technology, tactics and rehabilitation services.

We do business with the hotel "Dance Hotel” and give the opportunity to nonresident players to stay in there during the qualifying trials in Moscow.

We organize and conduct: offside training and qualifying trials. We also conduct master classes for coaches and young players in different regions of Russia.

We coordinate the individual selection of players for contract conclusion and, also, we perform professional scouting.

We are aimed at long-term cooperation with each player; we dynamically develop and increase the scales in business. You can trust us with your career.